Monday, January 11, 2010

When Carcajous Start a New Adventure

Today the WCA blog reaches the end of its own road. I certainly had a blast with the blog this last year.

When Carcajous Attack! was my first attempt at sports blogging, and despite going it alone these past 12 months, I actually learned a great deal. I sincerely appreciated all of the comments from followers this past year, as well as the many considerate links extended to my stories by so many of my fellow Michigan sports and football bloggers. It was really cool to see other people reading and responding to some of my views, observations and ideas.

Let me say that it is not easy to run a meaningful sports blog on Michigan football, not to mention Michigan athletics. Not many people end up accessing and reading the thing in first place. And to get the hits, writing interesting and unique stuff can be challenging and a lot of work. There were days and weeks where I didn't feel like I was getting together sufficient content in the first place. Often times work and family life got in the way of contributing more.

So for 2010 I've decided to explore a new method, expand my horizons, and improve the exposure of my work. I'm taking my Michigan Wolverine football addiction - or affliction, if you will - over to the Maize N Brew Blog, which has been providing excellent content on Michigan athletics for several years now, including my own main area of obsessive interest: Michigan football.

I'm really looking forward to writing alongside Dave and the entire cast of great writers of the Maize N Brew crew this year. It should be a lot of fun. And I figure if my writings go downhill, I'll still have a new group of colleagues as a support group to help me improve my personal coping skills with things like 3-9, Michael Rosenberg, 5-7, and whatever the 2010 Michigan football season may have on tap!

Of course, it is now mid-January and the dreaded "dead period" is almost over. Michigan football recruiting, Spring Game 2010 preparations, Coaching Changes, Position Battles, Pre-Season 2010 Predictions, Way-to-Early Opponent Previews, and of course Michigan schedule analyses will all be coming up on deck soon. If you enjoyed some of my past writings from the WCA blog, please be sure to visit and bookmark Maize and Brew blog going forward.

Thanks again for everyone's support of When Carcajous Attack!. It was a lot of fun.
See you over at Maize N Brew!


Hail to the Victors!
Let's Go Blue!


A fan in PA said...

Go get 'em Markus! It was a pleasure reading your stuff. You invariably had insightful posts and added a great deal to the "conversation." I'm glad you are continuing and that I know where to find you.


Nathan said...

Good Luck. Look forward to reading you over at Maize'n'Brew

Don said...

Markus, I'm glad you're going to continue to write over at M&B and I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff there. I can never get too much of your fact- and data-based observations. Good luck!


Jeff said...

Yes Markus, I did enjoy your blog and I'm sorry to see it end. Out of about 35 Michigan and college football blogs in my feed reader, I only try to stay current on about a dozen. Yours was one of those that I stayed current on. Thanks for your efforts and good luck at your new home.

susieandrew said...

I was wondering where you've been lately. MnB is a near-daily read for me, so I'll be sure to check out your stuff there as well.