Sunday, January 18, 2009

Michigan's 2009 Recruiting Class - Now In The Final Stretch

With 2 1/2 weeks to go for Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez to fill out his 2009 freshman class.

With 20 recruits so far, the Wolverines' class so far is ranked 12th nationally by and 8th nationally by This leaves 5 spots open that still need to be filled and perhaps more if soft commits DT Pearlie Graves and DE DaQuinta Jones choose to decommit from Michigan.

In my view, Michigan's biggest needs are indeed:


Landing Tate Forcier was very important. But losing talented commit Shavodrick Beaver to Tulsa was a serious blow to Rodriguez's class. At this point in the year, there appear to be slim pickings as far as quality quarterbacks go. Florida CB/QB combo Denard Robinson is one option, and Austin Dantin is another, and LA QB Brandon Mitchell is yet a third target for the Wolverines, but Mitchell says he's 90% sure he'll be an Arkansas Razorback.

Wide Receiver

Senior Greg Mathews graduates this coming fall. Besides, with the spread formations Michigan runs today, more wideouts are needed than just Hemingway, Clemons, Stonum.

Je'Ron Stokes appears to be a prime target for this position right now alongside Travante Stallworth and Anthony Williams.

Offensive Line

Neither Rodriguez nor OL coach Greg Frey can be too satisfied with Michigan's offensive line situation. The Wolverines OL demonstrated the same slow and deliberate movement toward improvement as the Earth's tectonic plates. Michigan landed Schofield, Lewan and Lalota, but may want 1 more to play offensive tackle or guard. With Bond having Carolina on his mind, there remain massive Ohio OT Marcus Hall and SC OL Quinton Washington on the target list for Michigan.

Defensive End

This wouldn't be such an issue if Graves and Jones weren't so soft with their commitments to come to Michigan. An interesting option here is SC DE Sam Montgomery who said he was impressed with his winter visit of UofM. Defensive end is important however, as Brandon Graham graduates next fall. LA DE Bernie Logan is another target that will be visiting Michigan shortly. I do believe that OT John Ferrara will likely move back to defense (DE/DL) in 2009 to provide more talent and bodies on that side, rather than stay on the offensive line for the Wolverines.


In my view, Michigan needs better cornerback play because between 2005-2008 secondary play, in general, has been one collossal disappointment. Cissoko and Warren are very talented, highly regarded and capable. But Michigan needs more talent here, i.e. one or two "shutdown corners" going forward.

Denard Robinson is a CB, but would likely play QB at Michigan. Jayron Hosely is an almost certain South Florida lock for HC Jim Leavitt, so that leaves...nobody? Maybe some of many leftover Michigan's safeties will convert over to play CB.
The 2008 recruiting season ended on a very high note for new coach Rodriguez. With only a few weeks left it will be interesting to see whether Michigan football recruiting again ends with a fury of success, or an anti-climatic thud.

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