Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gluttons for Punishment? LSU vs. Michigan

Now I know only 349 people have voted so far, and it’s not exactly a scientific sample, but I’m just amazed that the vast majority of voters want to see the Michigan Wolverines to play the LSU Fightin' Tigers in a home and home non-conference game series. (By the way, 10 days left to vote. See right margin!)

These two teams have never met before on the gridiron. Ever.

It'd be Rich Rodriguez vs. Les Miles. Hmmm, very interesting. The last SEC opponents to play Michigan during the regular season were Vanderbilt in 2006 and South Carolina in 1985.

I'm not sure how this young Wolverine team would fair against the Tigers these days. The good news would probably that Michigan would be asked to wear their home blue jerseys in both games.

Well I fully endorse this kind of non-conference match up. Now if only Mr. Martin were listening to important things I had to say.

Geaux Bleu!


Anonymous said...

are you sure about that 97%? .. I think that's 97 votes, not 97%

Markusr2007 said...

Duh! You're right. Need to change how I word the post.

Sam said...

Being a Wolverine from New Orleans, and having come from a looooong (and boisterous [and drunk]) line of LSU family, I would really like nothing more than to see UofM lay some smack down on my trash talking relatives.

Funny that everyone else seems to agree, 'cause this game almost happened in the 2006 rose bowl. If I recall, a few thousand LSU fans had already bought some form of ticket.