Saturday, July 4, 2009

Headin' East for the WMU Game!

Looks like I'll be heading east this September for Michigan's opening game versus Western Michigan in Michigan Stadium! I'm so stoked! I've been doing cartwheels on my front lawn this entire weekend, so all my USC-loving neighbors know something's up. Actually, they were all about to dial a straight-jacket for me when I showed up Trick-or-Treating with my kids in my Michigan helmet last October....but uh...that's another story.

Like a complete idiot I've been checking my mail box every freaking day for the tickets to arrive like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Then a little bird told me that the tickets don't ship until freaking August. OK. Drrrrrrrr. I knew that. So August is now 4 weeks away, right? Right!?

Will be watching the game with my dad, my 6 year old son, and my youngest brother. Should make for some great memories win or lose. I can't wait!

Go Blue!

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