Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cinderella's Wearing Combat Boots...or Maybe Flip Flops

Looking at the game footage once again today (courtesy of one of the finest human beings on the planet, WolverineHistorian), Michigan has displayed some ugliness already in each of the last three games versus Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan and Indiana. The lack of position depth, experience and other warts are making themselves more than evident in the secondary, the linebacking corps, quarterback and even the more veteran offensive line.

But, man, when facing the Michigan team this year, opponents damn well better be prepared to bring it for a full 60 minutes. Defensive coordinator Greg Robinson's defense, as ugly as it has played so far, has given up 91 points total after 4 games (23 pts/game), but only 31 points in the second half. And Calvin Magee and Rich Rodriguez has the team running fast break the entire football game on offense. It can score quickly and from anywhere on the football field, either running or passing. They're not waiting for 3rd down and long either.

Things have changed.

That last TD pass from Forcier to Odoms looked.....improbable....didn't it?

Cinderella obviously isn't waiting around anymore for that stupid ass glass slipper to show up.

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Miranda said...

Hey guys, have you seen this Michigan grill footage that aired on WXYZ before the Indiana game?