Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chad Henne on the 20 Hours

Dave Birkett of does a superb job here going to former Michigan quarterback Chad Henne for his view on the Freep article and allegations of former WR Toney Clemons. Chad Henne never played for Rodriguez. However, he was a four year starter at quarterback for Bo Schembechler-disciple and former Michigan HC Lloyd Carr:

Here's Henne's views:

“Twenty hours is a very, very small portion of what you do, especially if you’re a quarterback at a high-profile school,” Henne, now with the Miami Dolphins, said in a phone interview Sunday. “Twenty hours isn’t enough for you. You have to be in there by yourself, studying film, no coaches around, and doing it on your own. That’s where the leadership comes in and that’s where, if you want to get better and play better, you have to do it on your own.”

And his views on those hurling the accusations:

“I really think whoever’s saying it really doesn’t want to be there,” Henne said. “If they’re saying that then they’re not really worried about the team, they’re not worried about what they’re going to do during their season and they’re kind of just giving themselves up. That’s just negative talk right there. So whoever it is just really doesn’t care about the team, I would say."

Wow. Right now I'm stroking my Michigan Mustache and thinking to myself in a fake Russian accent "bearry interestink!"

Speaking of stink, maybe I'll go back and read Mr. Rosenberg's article one more time.

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