Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin: "We Have Been Compliant"

So here we go. The University of Michigan Athletic Director Bill Martin is announcing an investigation into NCAA rules violations regarding voluntary workouts and practices.

Bill Martin:
"We are committed to following both the letter and the intent of the NCAA rules and we take any allegations of violations seriously," Martin's statement reads. "We believe we have been compliant with NCAA rules but nonetheless we have launched a full investigation of the allegations in today's newspaper. We have already reached out to both the Big Ten and the NCAA and we will have more to say on this as soon as we have completed our assessment."

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez and Associate AD of Compliance Judy Van Horn have also responded tersely:

"We know the practice and offseason rules and we stay within the guidelines," Rodriguez's statement reads. "We follow the rules and have always been completely committed to being compliant with all NCAA rules."

"During the season, the NCAA limits 'countable' practice activities to 20 hours per week," Van Horn's statement reads. "There are activities that don't count, such as rehab and getting taped. We educate our coaching staffs and student-athletes [in all sports] to keep everyone informed of the rules. Also, compliance and administrative staff conduct in-person spot checks of practice during the academic year and summer. We have not had any reason to self-report any violations in this area with any of our sports."

Former Michigan Wide Receiver Toney Clemons was obviously one of the players who previously wished to be unnamed, but stated to ESPN's Joe Schad that the allegations of both Michael Rosenberg and Mark Snyder are "true".

And a round we go.

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