Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Law of Mozes: Leading Wolverine Players to the Promise Land

Michigan football fans rejoice! The 2006 Rimington Trophy winner and former star offensive lineman at West Virginia, Dan Mozes, is now a member of Mike Barwis' Michigan Strength Staff!

Mr. Molk
, you're in good hands. Oh, and by the way, Dave Rimington of Nebraska wore No. 50 also.

Mr. Mozes:
"Mike gave me the fundamentals to get bigger and stronger," said Mozes. "He gave me the strength to do all that stuff. Coming out of high school nobody wanted me, and I had that chip on my shoulder. That's really the first thing you need to have. People always want to throw in external motivation, pep talks and stuff like that, but you have to be motivated from your own heart. That's one thing I had. Mike gave me the tools."

Welcome to the Wolverine family, Mr. Mozes!


Anonymous said...

We all know that injuries are a part of the game, therefore, it is unavoidable to a point. I remember Barwis stated last year, that part of their training is to work out as though they are trying to rehab the joints before the injury to help build the players resistence to injury.

My question is, is it possible to figure out if there is a breakdown that reflects the injury rate of the WVU players per year under the Barwis system? Experienced players verses the newer players, etc.

Don said...

Anyone know why Mozes didn't make it in the NFL? As a 2006 grad he should be just entering his third year in the league.

Don said...

I should have read the MGoBlue article first about Mozes. Blew out his knee during his first NFL training camp.

Which is why I'm always amazed at how many kids get tossed from their programs across the country for stupid shit when they have a gift-wrapped opportunity to get a college degree. You just can't ever be guaranteed that you won't suffer the same fate as Mozes even if you do stay. Without the degree, you're just right back wherever it is you came from.

Anonymous said...

Psst ... it's promised land, not promise land.

Great blog though!

susana said...
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