Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well At Least Somebody Believes in Michigan

I'm not sure if this is Rodriguez himself throwing down the gauntlet with his ballot, or some other coach who just likes Michigan's chances to turn things around in 2009, but Michigan received 1 vote for the Top 25 USA Today Coaches Poll.

There are plenty of bloggers and sportswriters out there who believe that Michigan's train has already derailed under Rodriguez and that 2009 will simply be a continuation of that ongoing disaster to evaporate all doubts. It's the freshman quarterback, the much maligned offensive line, the porous run defense, the inexperienced defensive line and secondary, it's the fourth Michigan defensive coordinator since 2005, plus an offensive attack that for some reason or other either hasn't been proven, or simply doesn't "belong" on the Big Ten.

Other writers have pointed to a more positive outlook: a more experienced offensive line, better attitude amongst the players, a better defensive coordinator, a more talented quarterback situation (Forcier, Robinson) than a year ago.

I believe Michigan will have a much better 2009 football season than 2008. However, I don't believe Michigan has any business in the 2009 Top 25 preseason coaches poll or any other poll for that matter until they silence most of the critics by winning football games again.

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